The Stellar Guild Series Kicks off with Tau Ceti

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The Stellar Guild Series is an ambitious project by Phoenix Pick that will pair well known, best-selling authors with newer, lesser known authors. The series will kick off with Tau City, written by Kevin J. Anderson, and a sequel novelette written by Steven Savile.

The generation ship Beacon has voyaged for two centuries to reach a new planet at Tau Ceti, but just as the Beacon is about to arrive at their new home away from home, distant Earth develops faster-than-light ships…and a ruthless dictator wants to lay claim to their dream.

Tau Ceti will be released on November 22 in both print and digital formats. For a limited time, Phoenix Pick is offering a pre-order eBook discount of just $2.99 if you order before November 15, plus you can enter the discount code DIRKEV for another 15% off ($2.54 total), so if you’re looking for some new science fiction to enjoy on your eReader, keep Tau Ceti in mind.

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