The Star Wars Art of Mats Gunnarsson

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The old vintage Star Wars action figures, while not always the most accurate depictions of their film counterparts, have a certain visual appeal. Part of it is nostalgic, but part of it is stylistic. The old figures had a look the mirrored the time period they were from.

Now if someone told me they were going to do an art portrait series on the vintage Star Wars figures, I wouldn’t have thought much of it. But sometimes seeing is believing.

Below are a series of oil paintings by Swedish artist Mats Gunnarsson. Mats captures the look of the old toys many of us grew up with as well as a tiny piece of the nostalgia of our childhoods. We also managed to snag a moment of Mats’ time and asked him a few questions. We hope you enjoy our gallery of Mats Star Wars artwork and his interview below.

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