Comic Review – Knight Errant: Deluge #1

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The first issue in the brand new story arc for Knight Errant came out yesterday, and we have the review for Deluge #1 ready for your view pleasure. Keep in mind there are spoilers, but we strive not to spoil everything, leaving plenty to be discovered for yourself. What can you expect in Knight Errant: Deluge #1? Hutts, Sith, and Jedi! Click here to read the full review.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Dark Horse Solicitations for November 2011

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Comic Book Resources has posted Dark Horse’s comic solicitations for November 2011. Here is the Star Wars run down with new covers, synopsis, and release date info. Enjoy!

Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost #2

Writer: Mike Richardson
Artist: Paul Gulacy
Colorist: Michael Bartolo
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman
Release: November 30, 2011
32 pages, issue 2 of 6

Kir Kanos, the last surviving member of Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guards, has been “invited” to join a cadre of Imperial officers intent on returning the Empire to its former glory. Meanwhile, the rising New Republic comes under fire when assassins put Kanos’s adversary (and occasional romantic interest) Mirith Sinn in the crosshairs! Continue Reading Dark Horse Solicitations for November 2011…

New Release: Knight Errant – Deluge #1

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Knight Errant: Deluge #1 comes out today. Kicking off the second arc of the comic series, there are two covers to choose from. One is done by the series cover artist Joe Quinones (left) in a scene reminiscent of old World War II propaganda posters, the other is done by French comic book artist Paul Renaud (right).

In answer to a distress call, Kerra returns to her Sith-controlled homeworld for a daring rescue . . . but her arrival on the planet coincides with an ambush from a Hutt mastermind! The clash with his invasion and a number of other unexpected surprises place Kerra’s small-scale rescue into a hot spot. She has to troubleshoot fast-and, as always, alone!

Writer: John Jackson Miller
Artist: Ivan Rodriguez
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist: Joe Quinones

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Cover Revealed for Knight Errant: Deluge #5

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Dark Horse revealed the cover for Star Wars Knight Errant: Deluge #5 on their Facebook page. Cover is once again done by cover artist Joe Quinones and features the new Hutt villain Zodoh! The also teased fans to expect some starfighters next week. We’ll keep you posted.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Star Wars Knight Errant: Deluge Sketches

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Dark Horse posted some sketches yesterday for the upcoming Knight Errant: Deluge comic arc for Star Wars Friday. The sketches are by comic artist Ivan Rodriguez with colors done by colorist Michael Atiyeh. You can see them all here on Dark Horse’s blog.

Knight Errant: Deluge #1 will be released on August 17th.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Knight Errant: Deluge #4 gets the Norman Rockwell Treatment

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In case you missed it at Comic Con, Joe Quinones, cover artist for the Star Wars Knight Errant comic series, has posted the Knight Errant flyer they were showing off. This is a slightly different version of what we can expect for the Knight Errant: Deluge #4 cover. Joe mentioned that this image was inspired by Norman Rockwell and his Saturday Evening Post illustrations. You can check out Joe’s site for the full details and other Knight Errant news. Continue Reading Knight Errant: Deluge #4 gets the Norman Rockwell Treatment…

Another Look at Knight Errant: Deluge #2

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Knight Errant cover artist Joe Quinones shared the pre-digital cover of Deluge #2 on his blog, along with some comments on what he used for the cover. For this issue, he used Copic brand sketch markers (for the first time) and Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay Black India Ink for the inking process.

Before and after coloring.

Posted By: Skuldren

John Jackson Miller Talks Knight Errant: Deluge and More

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Fictional Frontiers did a really nice podcast interviewing Star Wars author and comic writer John Jackson Miller. They covered a lot of ground including Knight Errant, especially the upcoming Deluge arc, his upcoming novels, as well as the comic book industry in general.

John revealed that Kerra will be returning to her homeworld in the upcoming Deluge arc, but unlike Aflame and the Knight Errant novel, Kerra will find very little assistance from the people on Aquilaris, part of that being due to drug abuse on the planet. However Kerra will be receiving a new ally in the form of a Republic starfighter captain named Jenn Devaad. The importance of this meeting is that Jenn gives Kerra the opportunity to let someone else take over the role of saving people, thus letting Kerra get back to her original mission: fighting Sith. John also mentioned that Jenn will represent a potential role model for Kerra and that the Deluge arc will have a lot of starfighter combat. Continue Reading John Jackson Miller Talks Knight Errant: Deluge and More…

Knight Errant Deluge Cover Art

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Star Wars cover artist Joe Quinones posted a behind the scenes look of the first cover for Knight Errant: Deluge that’s worth checking out. Not only did Mr. Quinones show the model (Maris Wicks) who posed for the shot, but he also went on to reveal two concept sketches for alternative covers, including our first look at the new Hutt villain. You can check it all out here.

Posted By: Skuldren

Knight Errant Deluge Update

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Cover of Deluge #1

Newsarama interviewed John Jackson Miller and got some details on Deluge, the next comic arc in the Knight Errant comic series. Here’s a snippet from the interview detailing what Deluge is going to be like…

As Deluge opens, Kerra has returned, at last, to Aquilaris, responding to a distress call. It’s the chance she’s been looking for to score some points and get some personal satisfaction from it. But it comes at a time of increasing frustration for Kerra, too. People living out in the Sith-controlled Outer Rim are completely battered down and downtrodden; it’s not ripe for mounting a rebellion or revolution. Many of the people here have been enslaved for their entire lives, and there’s drug abuse, as people try to forget their hardships. More than anything, she could use some help…

…and we give it to her. Knight Errant: Deluge sees her getting her fondest dream: competent help she can trust. New allies arrive from the Republic in the form of Captain Jenn Devaad and her Devil Squadron, the advance team for the mercy mission known as Grace Command. In many ways, they’re like the allies that Kerra lost in that initial disaster; absolutely what she was looking for. Other allies she’s had, like Jarrow Rusher in the novel, she couldn’t quite trust because they’d worked for the Sith. Devaad definitely doesn’t. For Kerra, it’s an enormously happy moment — a chance to get back on the path she wanted to walk.

The interview goes on to discuss just what kind of Jedi Kerra Holt is, and what the title Deluge refers to. There’s a lot of great info in the interview, so be sure to check it out. You can read the full interview here.

Posted By: Skuldren
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