Fresh Ink: Clone Wars Magazine #4

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In this issue, Yoda teaches Ashoka and Chewie how to use their angry face.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine #4 hit the bookstore shelves yesterday and hits the comic shops today. To quote from TOS:

In this issue’s comic strip adventure, ‘In the Air,’ Count Dooku plans to disrupt the Republic’s supply of tibanna gas — a valuable starship hyperdrive coolant. Commander Cody expertly chases off a flight of droid ships from an Ugnaught mine, but could that really be the end of the Separatist attack? It’s up to Obi-Wan and Yoda to find out…

There are so many clones in this issue that you’ll need to pay close attention to this issue’s handy ‘Spotters Guide!’ Meet the awesome Delta Squad and discover your clone destiny by taking the Clone Troopers Engineering exam — are you pilot material or will you be stuck with kitchen duty?

Additionally there will be a character study of Chewbacca. So pick up your copy and find out what makes your favorite Wookie tick.


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