Princess Leia Heading to CEII

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It’s been officially announced that Carrie Fisher will be heading to Star Wars Celebration Europe II.

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Monday Funny: George’s Achievements Seen Through Carrie’s Lense

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In light of George’s retirement (and sale to Disney), we thought Carrie Fisher’s speech at the AFI lifetime tribute presentation to George Lucas an appropriate Monday Funny.  Enjoy Carrie at her wittiest.

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Around the Web

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Former Star Wars author Kevin J. Anderson is at Disneyland, and with the recent acquisition of Star Wars by the Mouse, we can only speculate at what sort of inside deals are going on but we’re laying our bets on new ideas for super weapons for Episode VII like The Nostril of Palpatine. Continue Reading Around the Web…

On Station At Celebration: Day 3

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on-station-at-celebrationDay 3 at Star Wars Celebration VI, or in more dramatic terms, The Penultimate Day! I honestly didn’t have a whole lot on my schedule today, which was kind of nice as it gave me more time to look around and take pictures. Plus I finally got to check out the Rancho Obi-Wan Experience. However the first point on the agenda was the DK Booth. Continue Reading On Station At Celebration: Day 3…

Around the Web: May the Fourth Roundup

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May the Fourth Be With You started off with a bang and the announcement from Celebration VI that Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, will be appearing that the annual Star War fun fest in Florida.

Lots of folks got in on the fun of May 4th and here’s some of what we saw around the web. Continue Reading Around the Web: May the Fourth Roundup…

Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher

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Today Roqoo Depot wishes a very happy birthday to actress Carrie Fisher! Forever famous for her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, Carrie has gone on to establish herself as a successful writer with six books, three screenplays, and two plays.

Carrie was born in Beverly Hills, CA to singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds. Her parents divorced when she was two, and she attended Beverly Hills High School before going off on the road with her mom. At age 17 she appeared in the Broadway play Irene alongside her mother. That same year she attended London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. Two years later she got a part in her first film, Shampoo. It took only two more years for her to land her biggest gig ever, Star Wars.

After Star Wars she did TV, film, and even hosted Saturday Night Live with a memorable sketch as the “Beach Blanket Bimbo from Outer Space” alongside Billy Murray, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, and Dan Aykroyd. In 1980 she was in the Blues Brothers, the Broadway play Censored Scenes from King Kong, and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

More films and plays followed, along with her first book in 1987, Postcards From the Edge which was a bestseller. She went on to movies like When Harry Met Sally, The ‘Burbs, Scream 3, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Behind the scenes she’s worked as a script doctor, a person who polishes off screenplays. She’s also done voice work as Peter Griffin’s boss Angela in Family Guy, as well as parts for Robot Chicken and Family Guy’s Star Wars specials.

Currently Carrie has a new book coming out on November 1st called Shockaholic and her play Wishful Drinking is on tour with dates available on her website. If you’d like to wish her a happy birthday, be sure to drop by her Facebook or Twitter pages.

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Interview with Carrie Fisher on Wishful Drinking

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Chris Jones from the Chicago Tribune conducted an interview with Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher the other day. The interview focuses on Carrie’s book and play “Wishful Drinking” which is available on DVD (via HBO).

Q: Among Hollywood celebrities with famously complex childhoods, you are an uncommonly good writer.

A: I fell in love with words early on. Books were my first drugs, they were a perfect escape. They’re structured, organized and they have happy endings. There is an internal life, whereas showbiz is so external. The books I liked most were novels. They make you an observer. I always was an observer.

The interview is actually kind of harsh with some cold sounding questions, however Carrie adamantly answers every one of them and some of the answers are pretty insightful. You can read the full interview here.

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Princess Leia at Dragon*Con

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This past weekend Carrie Fisher appeared on panel at Dragon*Con.  CNN has a great article highlighting why Carrie’s popularity has endured for so long.  She’s witty, irreverent, honest and shares more than a little of the courage her movie counterpart, Princess Leia, possessed.

Fisher is very open about the fact that she has bipolar disorder, and regularly writes and speaks about the topic. Her Dragon*Con panel was no exception.

Multiple fans stood up to say that they, too, suffered from the disorder, and thanked Fisher for her willingness to talk about it. In response, she jokingly apologized to the crowd: “It’s infectious, you know. I’ve created an epidemic of bipolar people.” (In case any fellow con-goers are starting to get worried, it’s not, and she hasn’t.)

“It’s a very good crowd to be in,” she added, taking a drag on an electronic cigarette. “You gotta have balls to be bipolar.”

You can read the entire article here, and learn the 13 things you didn’t know about Carrie.

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