Poe Dameron #2

Poe Dameron #2

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist/Cover Artist: Phil Noto
Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Warning: some minor spoilers!

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #2 takes a huge step up by introducing a fascinating villain. Or perhaps I should say entertaining? Agent Terex is one part mustache swirling Dick Dastardly, and one part James Bond villain with his impetus for chit chat. Honestly, Poe isn’t doing much for me, but this villain? He’s got some pompous flamboyance. I can’t help but like him.

The issue opens with Terex leading a squad of First Order jet pack troopers. Keeping with his flare for style, Terex is on a black speeder bike with a ridiculous white helmet complete with goggles and mini backpack. As if his appearance wasn’t enough, his dialog makes it perfectly clear just what kind of character he is. By the second panel he’s already yelling out loud to taunt the good guys. But less we think this is just an awful bad guy, the troopers clue us in that this is all intentional as they make clear how many times they’ve heard this guy’s awful stories. Initially, this character looked to be a eye-rolling, groan worthy train wreck. Yet as he continued, and his dialog poured across panel after panel, I actually began to warm up to the guy. He’s got quite a bit of charm with his non-typical dialog. He doesn’t sound like any Star Wars character we’ve ever encountered before. Certainly not an Imperial or First Order character. I mean, get a load of this…

“My name is Agent Terex, of the First Order. I’m very pleased to meet you all. What’s going on with that egg, by the way? That thing is just fabulous.”

…I think that was the point that turned the corner for me. Once he said that, I started to like the guy. And this issue really lavishes in his character. We get to see him trade barbs with Captain Phasma, ride in on battle armor, threaten the egg worshippers, out maneuver Poe, and he even threatened to turn the big, stupid egg into the galaxy’s largest omelet. He’s over the top and goofy, but in such a smarmy way that it’s good. Without a doubt, Terex was the highlight of the issue for me.

The Most Interesting Man in Star Wars: Agent Terex doesn’t always fly in Tarkin’s personal ship, but when he does, he sits in Captain Kirk’s chair. Pow!

Noto does a great job of bringing Terex to life with his enigmatic expressions. The guy has a pencil thin mustache, a gray mowhawk, a tattoo on the side of his head, a scar across his eyebrow and intriguing gray colored eyes. It all comes together to create a visually peculiar character. On top of that, there are a lot of panels depicting him and Phil gives them a lot of attention. One of my favorites is when Phasma cuts him down verbally and we see his mean face. It’s the only panel in the entire comic where we see him lose his cool. My second favorite comic is when his face is bathed in the orange flame of the Flametroopers scorching the big, dumb egg. For fans of the bad guys, or those who just think the savior egg is ridiculous, it’s a great moment.

Terex’s mean face.

Yet, setting Terex and all his cheesy glory aside, the comic would be kind of lame. Poe doesn’t really do anything in this issue, neither do the egg worshippers, but Black Squadron does get to have some fun. Yet even then, the only member of Black Squadron who gets any fan points is L’ulo. While everyone is being serious and trying to be smart, L’ulo thinks outside the box and just goes for it. It makes for a pretty funny moment which certainly earn some points from me. Still, even with their victory on the surface, it’s overshadowed by the impending threat from above. Terex appears to have out maneuvered everyone, however, there is one wild card at play: what’s in the egg? That’ll little surprise could make or break the next issue.

Burn egg, burn! Yeah, I really don’t like the egg worshipers.

With good art and an okay, Poe Dameron #2 might pass by okay. But with Terex chewing up the scenery? Well, that just puts this issue on a whole ‘nother magnitude of awesomeness. I give Poe Dameron #2 a five out of five metal bikinis and can’t wait to see more of this bad guy. Hopefully he won’t be short lived.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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