Negative Space #1

Negative Space #1

Writer: Ryan K. Lindsay
Artist/Cover Artist: Owen Gieni
Letterer: Ryan Ferrier

Sometimes you want action. Sometimes you want comedy. Maybe some sci-fi, or some horror. But sometimes you just want something bizarre. Something so strange and enticing that it just ensnares your imagination and your intrigue. Negative Space #1 is one of those kind of stories. It’s wild and captivating, both in the written story and the outstanding visuals.

The comic begins with a writer trying to write his suicide note but struggling with writer’s block. Right there you get a sense of what this comic is like. A writer struggling to find the proper words to say farewell to the world. It’s dark humor, but it’s also poignant.

Wandering through this world of misery, there is another force at play. Watching from afar, a strange organization makes a living off the misery of others. While this writer tries to pen their death letter, this agency tries to actively assist him in dying. But it’s not enough that he dies, it’s the anguish that they’re after. It all has to do with empaths and the Evorah.

Thus this mysterious group conspires to kill a writer, who might also be an empath, and in his ill fates last steps of life, he makes a turn toward something even stranger. The final page of the comic reveals the Evorah. Much remains clouded in darkness, but the seeds are all there to spark the reader’s interest. From the deep narrative of the story that touches on the very nature of the human soul, to the callous/comedic attitude of the agency and the wild plot unraveling page after page, the comic is golden.

Then there’s the cherry on top: the artwork. Honestly, the artwork is what sold me on this comic. Flipping it open, the artwork instantly captured my interest. It’s beautiful. The richness of the details and the coloring are a true passion at play. This is a comic where the artist spares no expense at laying out gorgeous visuals, panel after panel. It’s a thing to behold.

Together with the exception artwork and the intriguing story, Negative Space #1 is a comic I highly recommend. It’s a beautiful, strange story, and it’s just beginning. I give it a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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