Lando #1

Lando #1 (of 5)

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Alex Maleev
Colorist: Paul Mounts
Cover Artist: Alex Maleev and Edgar Delgado

As one might expect, Lando #1 sets the intrepid gambler on an adventurous heist. Deep in debt, Lando and Lobot are taking jobs to pay off the crimelords after them. But when a big score doesn’t pan out, they wind up in an even riskier con. It’s a fun start to the series.

Throughout this issue there is a shifting atmosphere of color. From blues…

The dialog is pretty good. It doesn’t scream Lando, but it doesn’t ring false, either. Plus it keeps the characters interesting. For example, Lando refers to Lobot as Lo, and Lobot does not speak like a droid. In fact he sound perfectly normal. The pacing and the plot are a bit stronger. We get to see Lando conning an Imperial Moff, hanging out in cantinas, dealing with crimelords and stealing ships. There’s a fun vibe to it and the pacing keeps the story moving with new characters and locations. On top of that, the ending has a nice twist.

…to yellow and greens…

…to purples, reds and beyond.

Yet the real standout feature of this comic is the artwork. The artist is Alex Maleev and the colorist is Paul Mounts. Together, they have a style reminiscent of the 80’s but far more beautiful. There is a rough, aged feel to the art. Some of it has a 70’s flair like Lando talking to Moff Ssaria as she lays on her bed in her underwear. That definitely felt like a scene out of a 70’s flick. The golden colors of the sunlight in the room are gorgeous. There there’s the coloring of the character’s skin tones. One close-up shot of Lando is nearly breathtaking in the result. His left side is bathed in golden sunlight, his right side a mixture of colors creating texture and form where there is none drawn. The coloring adds true depth to the artwork, but also an appealing array of colors.

My favorite panel in the issue. The printed comic is a little darker than the digital version. The digital version, show here, is much brighter. I actually like the printed version a little better.

Hey look, it’s Dark Empire! We must be on Nar Shaddaa.

When the scenery changes to a dark cantina, green, purples and blues invade the color palette. It brings back memories of the Dark Empire comic series with its green and purple color schemes. Yet the pencils and inks are far superior to the artwork back then. While some panels are a little simpler and less detailed, most are very good. It is a style very different from modern superhero comics and their very polished artwork. It might not suit everyone’s taste. However, I really like it. It stands out, it has character, and in some scenes, it’s absolutely stunning.

The coloring really comes to the forefront in this comic. Note how this panel has no background other than pure color. The golden hues make Lando’s shadowed form stand out, focusing the reader’s eye on him and the blaster barrel. By shrouding most of his form in shadow, the eyes naturally focus on his face. There’s a depth to the eyes that beg the reader to ask “what’s going on inside his head?”

Lando #1 is off to a good start with an interesting story, a good hook, and rich artwork. I give it a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.


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  2. Great review as always and smiled at your Dark Empire reference as that’s exactly how I saw that same scene.

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