Knights of the Old Republic: War #1

Writer: John Jackson Miller
Penciller: Andrea Mutti
Inker: Pierluigi Baldassini
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Letterist: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Benjamin Carre, Dave Wilkins (variant cover)

Knights of the Old Republic: War #1 is a new chapter in the story of Zayne Carrick. This time around Zayne is on his own and he’s now found himself drafted and on the front lines. The story doesn’t take long to get to the action, however there’s a good deal of plot development throughout. From Zayne’s pacifism to the peculiar Jedi led by Dorjander Kace, the story balances between battle scenes and character progression. The artwork is pretty good, too.

Zayne is back!

So how does KOTOR: War measure up? Well it’s a little different from the old KOTOR, at least so far. With a heavier focus on Zayne and the elimination of his old buddies, the story has a different feel to it. Yet that change goes well with the new arc’s name, War. Along with what can be expected from Zayne, there’s the addition of Dallan Morvis, a character who was seen earlier in the series. Dallan presents a different angle. He’s a Republic Navy Captain and his outlook on the war is very black and white. The Republic and its allies are the goodguys. The Mandalorians are the badguys. His job is simple: kill all the Mandalorians. For someone like Zayne, that kind of brutal simplicity just isn’t acceptable. As a viewer it presents a very interesting dynamic for the story. I could emphasize a little with Morvis. Going above and beyond the call of duty to show mercy to an enemy who shows very little mercy just doesn’t make much sense. Why gamble with the lives of you own men just to prevent some violence against the enemy? Yet Zayne didn’t ask to be put in a situation to kill people. I can understand and empathize with his desire to prevent violence and save lives when ever possible. However the two ideologies are inevitably doomed to crash into each other with catastrophic results.

This was one of my favorite panels in the issue. I loved how Dorjander looked here standing with his fellow Jedi.

At least explosions are fun to watch. The issue certainly takes the opportunity to show some explosions, both literal and figurative.

Another interesting side of the story is the Mandalorians. Issue #1 has a strong focus on the Mandies and shows a side of them we don’t often see. It’s almost enough to feel sorry for them. I like how John Jackson Miller humanized them a bit and prevented them from appearing as just blood thirsty warriors. Dorjander was also a nice addition to the story and it’ll be interesting to see where his storyline goes.

It's not a war without some Mandalorians.

With a strong start, I easily give KOTOR: War #1 a four out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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