Injustice: Gods Among Us #9

Injustice: Gods Among Us #9

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Bruno Redondo, Tom Derenick and Jheremy Raapack
Colorists: David Lopez and Santi Casas
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Cover Artists: Jheremy Raapack, Santi Casas and David Lopez

Warning: This review contains some serious spoilers 

Injustice: Gods Among Us #9 delivers a solid story with some of our favorite characters. Superman and Batman are still going through a power struggle, but neither of them has gone off the edge…yet. However there are plenty of factors ready to push them over. Lex Luthor is working on a drug to create a superpowered army for Superman. Robin’s temper tantrums nearly kill Batman, and the spy in the Justice League is discovered. While the plot really doesn’t move forward in this issue, there are plenty of small nudges here and there that set things up for some major change.

One thing that certainly shines in this issue is the dialog and the characters. Tom Taylor certainly handles them well. There’s humor from the Green Arrow, there’s tension generated by the Huntress, Lex Luthor has a moral debate with Ma and Pa Kent, and Superman and the Flash have a wonderful philosophical conversation. Throughout the issue, there’s just a ton of cool moments. My only gripe with the issue is Robin. Now this may be due to my lack of knowledge of the Batman comics, but I never knew Robin as a hot headed punk. The Robin is this series is just that. It’s hard to like him because he’s so annoying. Worse yet, his stupidity gets people killed. Regardless, he does create tension and drama.

Visually, the art holds up well with the story. There are nice close up shots of the character’s faces. There’s good detail, coloring and lighting. It looks good. With three different artists working on this issue, its hard to see where one ends and another stars as the styles are very similar.

While this series started off really strong, I thought it meandered a little after a while. First there was a hit to the artwork, then the story itself got a little weak in a few spots. But the last couple issues have picked up steam and have put the series back on track. I like where it’s heading and there’s a good balance with the characters, the dialog, the storytelling and the artwork. I give Injustice: Gods Among Us #9 a four out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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