Agent of the Empire: Iron Eclipse #2

Writer: John Ostrander
Penciller: Stephane Roux
Inker: Julien Hugonnard-Bert
Colorist: Wez Dzioba
Letterist: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Stephane Roux

The description ‘hot and steamy’ comes to mind when I think of Agent of the Empire: Iron Eclipse #2. In issue one, we saw Cross go up against your typical Bond villain, and a brief glimpse of Imperial Intelligence’s inner workings. With this issue we get to see Cross the ladies man as he does his duty to infiltrate and gather information. You might say Cross goes above and beyond the call of duty. Yet there is also some action and plot build up to round out the story. Throughout, Stephane Roux manages a nice, pleasing art style with excellent coloring by Wez Dzioba.

But back to the ladies.

Elli and Dah'lis Stark.

Romance isn’t something we see too much of in Star Wars, but it’s certainly a popular aspect of spy stories. John Ostrander certainly didn’t miss the opportunity to have Jahan Cross woo a few attractive women. Not the word ‘few.’ Not only does Jahan put the moves on Elli Stark, but he also puts the moves on Dah’lis Stark as well. Like Bond, Cross is a smooth player, and he manages to get more than just some info out of them.

Now we're getting to the hot and steamy part.

Yet smoozing isn’t the only thing that happens in Iron Eclipse #2. Cross also ends up with some new foes and a deepening plot concerning the Starks and a secretive project called Eclipse. The issue ends with a blast of action and a nice set-up for #3. Overall the story has a nice progression to it.

Wait...I can't believe they just went there. Yes, I think that's a bit more Cross than I wanted to see.

The artwork has a lively, fun vibe to it. The panels take advantage of every scene to provide the most for the viewer. Scenic shots take the time to showcase buildings. Elsewhere interior views highlight a multitude of well drawn species. Character shots do a good job of conveying expressions and Jahan gets a lot of attention. From a turn of the head, a quirk in his smile, or a variation on his eyes, Roux does a decent job of showing a wide range of emotion. There’s also quite a few panels that opt to have no backgrounds, focusing completely on the characters, which can be a very good story telling trick. Rather than cramming in unnecessary elements, it keeps the focus on what’s important. Some panels even use blurring effects to further enhance the feel of the image. When the action kicks in, the arrangement of the panels alters for a more dynamic appeal. All in all it works out great.

It’s always hard to tell how a series is going to go in the first issue, but with issue #2, Agent of the Empire feels like it’s got something good. The teamwork between the story and the imagery works well. The characters are interesting, and most importantly the story is entertaining. I give Iron Eclipse #2 five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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