Movie Review: ‘Logan’

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Simply put, Logan is a fantastic film. From beginning to end, this is a movie that’s well done and, in my opinion, the best film they’ver ever done with Wolverine in it. In fact I’d go one higher and put this one on par with the best the Batman or Marvel franchises have done. The character work is refreshing, touching and emotional. The story is engaging and pulls you in. There’s action, and yes, it lives up to it’s R rating with violence, language and some brief nudity. It’s a Wolverine movie for adults, and as such, it delivers.

First, let’s start with the driving force of the film, the characters. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is at the heart of the story as an aging mutant whose powers don’t work as well as they used to. He’s lived a hard life and it’s caught up to him. And while he’s given up on the world, he still has a few people he’s looking out for, most significantly, Charles Xavier. Through this movie, you see a gruff, violent Wolverine who can be a person of few words, one who does show love or kindness. But there are moments when the shell breaks and you catch a glimpse beneath the jaded exterior and you see what lies beneath. The film very carefully does this to full effect, making those moments touching and heartbreaking. You begin to realize why he is what he is. And as gruff as he may be, he’s still a good person when it counts.

Yet Wolverine isn’t the only superhero in this movie as Charles Xavier plays a very big part. Patrick Stewart really shines in the roll of a quirky, cranky old Professor X who isn’t as in control of his mind as he would like to be. Much like Wolverine, the years have taken their toll and it’s threatening to undo him. It adds some serious drama, but also emotion, and even some moments of levity.

While there are a couple others, the key character that rounds out the main cast is Laura, the little girl. She’s a mutant like Wolverine and it’s up to him and Xavier to help her. The trio go on quite the adventure. For her part, Dafne Keen does an outstanding job. Sometimes she’s an endearing kid, and sometimes she is a heartless killing machine. Oh yes, she does some killing. Her and Wolverine unleash their claws to deadly effect and the movie doesn’t hold back, though it also doesn’t get too carried away. Sure, there’s a couple rolling heads, but the film does’t wallow in gore. It’s there for realism. You can’t fight with giant razor sharp blades coming out of your hands without cutting people up, especially when the bad guys have guns and aren’t afraid to shoot you over and over again. Whether in battle or making you smile with her charm, Laura is one of the highlights of the film.

Without spoiling anything, Logan takes a different approach to an X-Men movie. While it does veer toward a darker, grimmer more realistic vibe similar to Nolan’s Batman films, there’s some nice moments of humor and some great bonding scenes that really sells the characters on all levels. They’re fully developed, multi-layered, flawed individuals with stories to be told. Whether you’re a X-Men fan, a Wolverine fan, or just a superhero fan, this is one movie you won’t want to miss. In the end, I’d say this one easily ranks up there in a top 10 list for superhero movies. Plus there’s a nice little Deadpool opening scene to get things started with a laugh and some dark humor. I really couldn’t have asked for more.

For excelling on all fronts, I give Logan a five out of five metal bikinis.


Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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