Toy Review: Black Series IG-88

July 14, 2016 at 12:32 am | Posted in Reviews, Star Wars, Toys & Collectibles | 3 Comments

Some of the 6-inch Black Series figures were very hard to find, and one that proved impossible for me was IG-88. He came out in the fifth wave, but I never saw him on a shelf or peg. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I finally broke down and picked one up off of eBay. Thankfully, the figure was worth getting.

The tall, thin droid from The Empire Strikes Back has always been an impressively sized toy and this one measures in at 6 3/4 inches in height. While it’s not a huge difference from the other bounty hunters, it does make him the tallest, though he’s still not as tall as Chewbacca who is 7 3/4 inches. In fact if you go and look at the classic scene from Empire where all the bounty hunters are standing on the bridge, and you compare the Black Series figures to it, Hasbro’s IG-88 is actually not to scale. This one is not only shorter, but the proportions are scaled down. The easiest way to tell is the head which is noticeably smaller than what it was onscreen. Also keep in mind that IG-88, as seen below, is standing on a lower platform which is why you can’t see his feet, thus he would be even taller when standing on the same level as everyone else.

Regardless of Hasbro’s sloppiness of scale, the rest of the figure is great. The paint app looks nice, the figure comes with three accessories, and there’s a surprising amount of articulation.

The figure comes with an E-11 blaster rifle, a DLT-20A blaster rifle (the long one), a vibro blade and a removable bandoleer.

There’s a small peg on each hand which allows IG-88 to hold the blasters with his claw hands. There is a tiny hole at the rear of both blasters which the peg slips into.

The vibro blade, however, doesn’t have a peg hole. There’s also no instructions, and I’ve never seen a picture of IG-88 holding a vibro blade, so I’m not really sure how he is suppose to hold it. The claw hands do have enough of a pinch that they can grasp it.

Or you can stick it in his neck and turn IG-88 into a giant blender.

Or you can put it in its sheath which is on the back of the bandoleer. There’s also a spot for the blaster rifle.

The detail on the figure is pretty good. The shape matches the screen character and there’s a nice coloration to the plastic making it look like metal. Rather than just being gray, there’s hints of bronze in the coloring.

At first glance, I was worried IG-88 wouldn’t have much articulation. The articulated points aren’t easy to spot. But as you start to play with the figure, you realize that this one has a ton of articulation.

The leg rotates up at the base, beneath the skirting at the hips. The hoses on the leg are a soft plastic which aides the movement of the legs when you rotate them. The fee rotate at the ankles as well as a pivot which allows the foot to angle back and forth.

There’s a joint at the knee and a typical joint at the hip allowing the leg to be raised.

The arms have complete 360 degree rotation at the shoulder and there’s a joint allowing 90 degree motion of the arm. The arm has 360 degree rotation at the elbow, but there is not articulation with the wrists or hands.

The waist has 360 degree rotation left and right in the upper torso, plus there’s a joint allowing forward and backward movement.

The head can be rotated in 360 degrees left and right, and there’s a very interesting articulation point with the elbow. It moves just a like a normal elbow, but there’s a soft piece of rubber that hides the joint.

What this all amounts to is that IG-88 can get funky with it.

Or you can go more classical with some normal poses.

In the end, the Hasbro Black Series 6-inch IG-88 is a great looking figure with lots of playability. The articulation makes him highly poseable, he comes with a good amount of accessories, and it’s an essential character for those hoping to recreate the bounty hunter scene from Empire. Hopefully Hasbro will follow through and make Dengar, Zuckuss and 4-LOM. As is, if you haven’t picked this figure up yet, go hunt him down. He’s worth it.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.


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  1. Could you tell me where did you get that action figure Star Wars base stand? Many thanks.

  2. The stand comes with the Disney Star Wars Elite Series figures. Keep in mind the peg isn’t a perfect fit, but it works in a pinch.

  3. I just picked this up in the archive series and wasn’t sure I even wanted to open the package, seeing how he doesn’t look very articulated at all. But your review was great, and made me change my mind. Very best pics I’ve seen of this figure. Love those breakdance moves!

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