The Great Podcast Diaspora of 2016

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For listeners of Rebel Force Radio, their move off of Shotglass Digital may have messed up your listening habits as all their associated Star Wars podcasts got split up and moved off to other sites and feeds. I know I’m still recuperating from the reorganization—whether it’s updating iTunes subscriptions or bookmarking the new sites—so I thought it might be handy to create a little guide to help other listeners track down their favorite shows now that they’ve moved to new places.

Fangirls Going Rogue

Fangirls Going Rogue now has their own website and a fancy new banner. With the same great hosts, it’s now easier than ever to find all their episodes to make sure you don’t miss out on any.

Fictional Frontiers

Fictional Frontiers is a great little podcast run by Sohaib Awan which spotlights interviews with various comic, book, television and film creatives. For Star Wars fans, you’ll defintiely want to seek out his interviews with Star Wars authors and comic writers.

Geek Out Loud

Geek Out Loud, aka The GOLiverse, is run by none other than Steve Glosson. Steve has something for everyone: Mark Out Loud for wrestling fans, Rock Out Loud for music fans, Disney Vault Talk for Disney fans, Rebel Yell for Star Wars fans, and variety shows like Round 3 and the flagship show Geek Out Loud. If you haven’t check out his other shows, do so. Steve is one of a kind.


Jedi News Network

Jedi News Network is the latest from the great minds of Jedi News. With Rebel Force Radio going its own way, Radio 1138 and Star Wars Collectors Cast now has its own podcast network with a few new friends: Galactic Fashion and Take Cover, which focus on Star Wars fashions and Star Wars literature respectively.



RetroZap! is run by Joe Tavano who you might remember as the author of the Padme didn’t die of a broken heart article. It’s a network that has really grown since the diaspora of Rebel Force Radio with the additions of one of my favorite Star Wars podcasts, Skywalking Through Neverland, along with The Deucecast and Techno Retro Dads. But they’ve also got other shows like Brews & Blasters, The Trade Federation, Talking Apes TV and We Know Nothing.

Rebel Force Radio

Rebel Force Radio is still around, of course, and now their site is up and active. Following the great dispersion, they’ve trimmed things down to just the main show, Star Wars Rebels Declassified, Star Wars Oxygen, Star Wars Influences and their old episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Declassified along with their specials and film commentaries, plus BondCast.

So whether it’s updating those bookmarks are changing up your iTunes subscriptions, be sure your favorite Star Wars podcasts don’t get lost in the big change up. And while you’re out there checking out those new podcast networks, don’t be afraid to try out some other podcasts. There’s plenty out there to listen to.

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