Black Series: Han Solo and Tauntaun

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As Hasbro’s 6-inch Black Series line moved into The Empire Strikes Back, the toy line opened up some new deluxe figure options. One of those included a Han Solo in Hoth attire with his trusty Tauntaun. While the Tauntaun doesn’t include a belly opening play feature, it is a nice looking figure set, even if you don’t have snow in your backyard.

The Han Solo and Tauntaun set comes with Han Solo and removable hood, goggles, blaster pistol, removable belt, and the saddle on the Tauntaun is removable as well. First, let’s take a look at the Tauntaun.

Overall, Hasbro did a really good job with the Tauntaun. It looks nice, has some good features, and works well as a figure.

However, it’s not perfect. Notice the brown painted on strap on the tail and how it doesn’t line up as the two ends meet. One bad thing about the figure is that half of it is hidden in the box, so you can only examine one side of the paint app.

If you look closely at the neck where it meets the head, you’ll see a speck of brown paint that got dribbled.

In this pic you can see there was some damage to the nose as the figure was rubbing in the package. It’s that spot on the nostril where the paint app rubbed off due to the plastic packaging tray.

The feet have some good articulation which helps a lot with posing. Along with the tail, the figure has good balance. You can pull off some nice shots because of it.

Like a T-Rex, the Tauntaun has little forepaws that are articulated at the shoulder. While they did opt not to do wrist articulation, it’s not a complete loss as it eliminates what could have been a distracting joint.

As for posing, the Tauntaun can stand…


…touch its toes…

…and howl at the moon.

It can also show off. Like a said, there’s good a good balance to the figure. I could actually pull off a one legged stance.

Here’s a shot of the saddle removed. Note all those things on the saddle do not come off.

It sticks on to the figure via two pegs.

The corresponding peg holes are on the Tauntaun’s back.

Here’s the Tauntaun minus saddle.

And here are all of Han’s goodies.

Plus Han minus all his accessories. I have to say he looks like a dork without the hood.

With the hood, he’s a bit better.

The goggles can be worn, removed, or you can opt to drape them around his neck.

Here he is with all of his accessories. The macrobinoculars don’t work all that well as an accessory. The support band doesn’t have any articulation, so it sits stiffly around his neck. It’s also too big for his hands to get a good hold on it.

Here you can see how the back of the hood has a split which allows you to remove it.

But what good is the Tauntaun if Han isn’t riding it? Here’s the two in action.

Together, the figures look even better. Personally, I can’t wait until it snows and then they can go on a little backyard adventure for some real Hoth re-enactments.

The saddle does have stirrups, but they don’t work the greatest. Most of the time Han’s feet with slip out. On the other hand, the bridle works better.

For those not into canon, here’s what the normal Han Solo figure looks like on the Tauntaun.

But what if the Empire employed Tauntauns?

Or better yet, Boba Fett?

Then again, nothing beats Vader.

Yep, Vader on a Tauntaun is simply epic.

There is one play feature Hasbro opted out on…

…the slit belly.

In the end, the Han Solo and Tauntaun 6-inch Black Series is worth getting. Trying to find the best paint app can be difficult since you can only see one half of the Tauntaun in the box, but the two of them look really good together even with minor paint app issues. Whether you have snow or a bright sunny day, it’s a fun set to play with. I recommend picking this one up.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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