Book Review: The Clone Army Attacketh

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clonearmyLike the four Star Wars/Shakespearean hybrids that have come before it, The Clone Army Attacketh is a fun, illuminating, and interesting retelling of the Star Wars Saga. Written by Ian Doescher, this Shakespearean adaptation of Episode II plays like Romeo and Juliet with a touch of Macbeth, though the latter will surely be more prevalent in the final chapter due out in a few months.

What I enjoy most about these Shakespearean retellings – with The Clone Army Attacketh even more so than some others in the series – is the use of dialogue to convey action, something Shakespeare was renowned for. The Prequel trilogy has faced much criticism from critics and fans alike over the years, and one of the most persistent complaints was the weak dialogue. The Shakespearean adaptations exist, I feel, as a good reaction to that criticism, as it allows the characters to speak in a way that they could not in the film. Even Jar Jar Binks, who is humorously listed as a “Gungan Clown” in the book’s Dramatis Personae, has a monologue that sheds some interesting depth on the character and his motives. It was also quite interesting to read dialogue from the Arena beasts trio – the Acklay, Nexu, and Reek – as if they were speaking.

The prose and iambic pentameter is also superb for a Star Wars adaptation, and overall the book proved to be a fun read. With the Anakin and Padme romance came the feel of Romeo and Juliet, while Anakin and Palpatine’s dark intentions bubbling to the surface seeped hints of Macbeth into the novel. These themes, already prevalent in the movie, were prominent in this book considering the Shakespeare connection. All in all, it is worth a read, and I am looking forward to the last entry in Ian Doescher’s Star Wars Shakespearean adaptation due out in September, that is, until The Force Awakens.

5 out of 5 metal bikinis

Reviewed by Ryan for Roqoo Depot

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