Movie Review: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

June 8, 2014 at 5:31 pm | Posted in Movies, Reviews, scifi/fantasy | Leave a comment

edge-of-tomorrow-posterEdge of Tomorrow is like a military sci-fi version of Groundhog Day. There’s of course the repeating day gimmick, but there’s also the humor, the serious element of the story and great acting. All in all, it’s a very entertaining film and worth seeing on the big screen. Now for the nitty gritty.

I went into this film with no real expectations. I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but he does pull off some good roles. Edge of Tomorrow is one of those. Tom Cruise plays a soldier who we quickly come to find out is afraid of combat. Taken from his cushy PR position, he’s thrust into the front lines of a war between humanity and an alien army. Armed with light weight mech suits, humankind is still outmatch by a horde of synthetic like squid creatures reminiscent of those things in the Matrix. The movie lays it all out with the battle scenes and it doesn’t take long for Tom Cruise’s character to die. The circumstances of his death, however, cause him to come back. Through that cycle of trial and error, live-die-repeat, his character evolves. He goes from being a coward, to being a soldier. It’s an enjoyable transformation and Cruise does it well.

On top of the awesome looking action sequences and progression of Cruise’s character, there’s some really nice treats in this film. For starters, there’s a lot of unexpected humor. The coming-back-to-life gimmick lends well to the comedy aspect. It’s also done in a way that fits naturally into the film. In that way, it feels a lot like Groundhog Day, just a completely different setting. On the other hand, this movie goes beyond a simple gimmick and a big movie star. The story focuses on the characters, primarily Tom Cruise’s character, to provide an entertaining story of how circumstances can change an individual. There’s a lot of time spent on developing his character, making it someone the audience can care about, and then plunging it through challenges and dangers.

For fans wanting to see a sci-fi movie, be aware that the sci-fi elements are a little lite. The aliens don’t get a whole lot of development and are kept pretty mysterious. Their lack of human features and characteristics also makes them very unrelatable. Nevertheless, they make decent villains and provide a credible threat. Most of fun comes from the army of human mech warriors charging into battle, and the character focused plot the lends to a lot of humor and some good drama. I give Edge of Tomorrow a solid four out five metal bikinis as a great summer movie.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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