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501stCast: Episode 75 is loaded with mission reports, including a recap of the action at San Diego Comic Con 2013. Would you believe Sylvester Stallone showed up for the second time to the 501st Legion dinner? They also mentioned that Disney has been asking the Legion to attend a lot more events lately. Opinions of Disney are high among the Legion as they’re looking at an even brighter future, which is always good to hear.

All Wings Report In: The Special Edition – John Jackson Miller episode has a nice interview with the author and comic writer. All Wings Report In is the official podcast for the Rebel Legion. John was recently inducted into the Rebel Legion at San Diego Comic Con 2013, so it’s certainly a great time to have him on the podcast. John jokes about joining the Mandalorian Mercs next for a trifecta and recruiting a Tusken Raider at SDCC to threaten con goers. He recalls a wild traffic jam he and Michael A. Stackpole witnessed involving a train, a fire truck, cops and a cosplayer with wings. John also talks about how he ended up working for Dark Horse Comics, how Knights of the Old Republic came about, when KOTOR will come back, tabletop gaming, developing the Lost Tribe of the Sith, how art can sometimes inspire the story, the origin of Kenobi and how it got put off. Like other authors recently, John emphasized that future Star Wars projects are on a wait and see basis, but he is doing stuff other than Star Wars (Simpsons, Conan, Star Trek, Overdraft: The Orion Offensive), and a whole lot more. Really great interview with good audio quality.

Coffee With Kenobi: Show #4 has a nice, in-depth discussion with special guest Tricia Barr as they discuss the role of women in Star Wars. They also speak with Mark Newbold about the Caravan of the Force and cover some news (though I’m a bit late on getting to this one, so the news is a little old now, but some of the Disney Expo stuff is still relevant). Good episode, though, and worth a listen.

Full of Sith: Episode XXXII has some San Diego Comic Con stories including Consetta’s Boushh experience with Johnny Galecki. Brian teases a conversation he had with the Star Wars Detours guys which revealed there are 39 episodes completely done and the show is definitely not cancelled. They have an interview with Wil Wheaton talking about his strongest memory associated with Star Wars. They also delve into Star Wars Celebration Europe II news and other recent headlines and rumors. Good episode worth checking out.

RebelForce Radio: The July 26, 2013 episode spends a lot of time on the J.J. Abrams rumor about him dropping out of Episode VII before moving on to some coverage of Caravan of the Force, some discussion of Mace Windu and Samuel L. Jackson, listener feedback, and part of a Billy Dee Williams interview done at Wizard Con St. Louis this year, which was definitely worth a laugh.

Their Star Wars Celebration Europe Special episode features David Collins reporting from Germany right after the end of day 3. They talk a little bit with Dave and play the full audio for the Celebration Europe II press conference. Hopefully there will be some move reports from Dave in later episodes.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 400 includes collecting stories from Star Wars Celebration Europe II, their discussion on Attack of the Clones in 3D, the outdoor viewing of Return of the Jedi. In the Behind the Clone Wars panel, there was mention of a Sith temple and that the bonus content was more focused on Yoda and not so much Ahsoka. An interview with Star Wars artists Joe Corroney, Chris Trevas and Brian Rood. Comments on the Star Wars Rebels panel, the Kathleen Kennedy panel, the Steve Sansweet panel and more. The episode finishes off with Steve the Ginger Prince recapping the Mark Hamill panel and the closing ceremonies. All in all, a pretty good episode with lots of CEII goodness.

Star Wars Bookworms: Episode 8 covered Clone Wars: The Smuggler’s Code and Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral. In their discussion of both comics, they were joined by Adam Farmer. Overall, a good episode with some good discussion of the comics.

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