Star Wars: Crucible Update

July 17, 2012 at 9:38 pm | Posted in Star Wars Books | 1 Comment

We have received new information on Troy Denning’s Star Wars: Crucible from the Random House Spring 2013 catalog:

Convention promotion at San Diego Comic Con (7/12), Star Wars Celebration VI (8/12), and New York Comic Con (10/12)

AN ADVENTURE FOR ALL STAR WARS FANS! Everybody’s favorite characters spotlighted in a rousing adventure just like they shared in the “old days” of the classic movies.

FATE OF THE JEDI FOLLOW-UP: Releasing a year after Apocalypse, this is the first book to follow the popular nine-book Fate of the Jedi series. As such it will be eagerly aniticipated by fans desperate to know what’s in store for their beloved Star Wars heroes.

A PERFECT ENTRY POINT FOR NEW READERS! Even if you’ve never read a Star Wars novel before, how could you not be curious to see how our beloved trio of heroes—with the wisdom of age and experience that belie their years—fare in a brand-new heart-pounding tale of action and adventure?

STANDALONE STORY! No need to read multiple books in a series—just jump right in and ride a single rollercoaster from cover to cover.

SETS UP NEW SERIES: With this book, Han, Luke, and Leia are passing the torch to the next generation of Star Wars heroes, and the stage will be set for the next major Star Wars series.

THE HEROES RETURN: This will be the first cover to feature Han, Luke, and Leia since the 1990s!

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING STAR WARS AUTHOR! Troy Denning, just having completed the New York Times bestselling Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi series, is a fan favorite.

So it would seem that after years of waiting the next generation is finally ready for the spotlight after this book!!

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  1. […] he brings all of that baggage to an EU novel – especially in light of the Random House catalogue marketing copy for the book. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING STAR WARS AUTHOR! Troy Denning, just having completed […]

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