Ten Reasons to Read ‘The Hammer and the Blade’

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Author Paul S. Kemp recently posted ten reasons to read The Hammer and the Blade. If you haven’t read them yet, please do, they’re very humorous. In the spirit of things, we decided to post our own ten list, but on the serious side.

10. Because you like fantasy stories such as Forgotten Realms novels, or Warhammer books like Gotrek and Felix.

9. You enjoyed Paul’s Star Wars novels, but are ready to branch out into other genres of fiction.

8. You love a story with characters that make you laugh.

7. If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones, Egil and Nix’s tomb robbing escapades are right up your alley.

6. You want a story that has some depth to it beyond just fun adventures.

5. Stories with demons, monsters, and magic appeal to you.

4. You want to know what’s across the Demon Wastes.

3. A place called The Slick Tunnel sounds like your kind of bar.

2. You want to know why Nix is haunted by a moldy piece of bread.

1. Because of dialog like this…

“What does it do?”

“I don’t know yet. But as I always say, the fun’s in finding out.”

“You don’t know yet? Aren’t you afraid to carry it around? What if it…I don’t know, it went off and filled your trousers with lightning?”

“Avoiding the obvious response to a pretty girl’s mention of lightning in my trousers, I’ll say instead that while I don’t know exactly what it does, I have a rough idea.”

The lesson here: if you pick up a strange wand and don’t know what it does, be very very careful about using it in a fight.

The Hammer and the Blade comes out Tuesday. Don’t miss out!

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