TFN Interview with Daniel Wallace

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TheForce.Net has an interview with Book of Sith author Daniel Wallace. The interview includes some pretty cool answers pertaining to the book and it’s contents.

TFN: Did you draw inspiration from any non-Star Wars sources for the way you wrote these Sith Lords’ inner thoughts? Can you summarize each of their writing styles in one word or phrase?

DW: Just like with The Jedi Path, I tried to understand the Sith philosophy as if it were a real thing. With the Jedi I drew a lot on Catholicism, Buddhism, and Arthurian codes. With the Sith I went even broader since each of the writers was so different. Sorzus Syn is kind of like a lawful evil Dungeons and Dragons magic user. Darth Malgus’s section is like a Napoleonic war journal. Darth Bane is an egotistical combat master. Mother Talzin is like a close-to-nature Wiccan shaman. I viewed Darth Plagueis as a scientific skeptic who wrote like Leonardo da Vinci. And Palpatine is the supremely arrogant know-it-all who thinks he has it all figured out.

Dan also touched upon the 3rd generation of Essential Guides which is still in the works. You can check out the full interview here.

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