Boba Fett, Batman, meet…the Bodyguard!

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If you’re entertaining the idea of fighting crime or tracking down bounties, you might want to consider the Bodyguard 9XI-HD01. The Bodyguard is made by ArmStar. In their own words they are a company “dedicated to providing the future of self-defense in the form of a wearable, hands-free, less than lethal system.” That’s right, a super gauntlet! Boba Fett has his mini rockets, flame throwers, blasters, and fibercord whip. Batman has his bullet proof body armor, blade winged gloves, and batarangs. Now you can have your own super gadget!

The Bodyguard includes the following standard features:

  • Electronic Deterrent (loud crackling noise made by stun gun)
  • Electronic Control Device (stun gun)
  • 720p HD wireless camera with memory
  • Bright White LED Flash Light
  • Defense Shield
  • Safety Pin (to activate stun gun)

There is also the option for personal customization per customer request for “other devices.” I’m sure there’s room for a mini flamethrower and rocket launcher. Nevertheless, the options included do allow for a reasonable defense. You can use the flashlight to blind your attacker, the camera to get their picture in case they escape, and the stun gun to keep them from doing harm to you. The glove is also semi-armored (it’s a kevlar, plastic mix) which would probably protect you from cutting, stabbing, or biting attacks. I’d imagine it makes for a wicked forearm hit as well.

David Brown, inventor of the Bodyguard, and the next Batman.

The device was invented by cameraman David Brown after hearing about deadly mountain lion attacks in California. He wanted a device that could protect people, but also something you wouldn’t drop in a struggle and would get in the way of your outdoor activities. With a little help from some investors and celebrities, including Kevin Costner (who is co-owner of ArmStar), the Bodyguard has become a reality. Seriously, this isn’t just some dream invention, you can buy it on their site.

So if you’re feeling under armed, here’s one more item to take into consideration.

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