Advances In Antimatter Containment

June 7, 2011 at 8:40 am | Posted in Science News | 2 Comments

From the guys at Engadget today comes a story about a leap in antimatter containment technology. To date, no one seems to be able to explain precisely how antimatter would be used to propel humans through space at hyper-luminous speeds. Still it seems to be a staple in most science fiction franchises as the high test that makes those FTL drives hum. In reality, the ability to contain and direct the flow of antimatter does promise to give mankind access to untold amounts of energy. One can only imagine that if we ever do manage to travel in ships that move faster than light, that antimatter would likely be part of the power generation system.

"Sixteen minutes until the next core breach Captain!"

Specifically, the good folks at CERN (The European Orgainization for Nuclear Research) have been able to contain anti-hydrogen particles in a kind of  “magnetic bottle”, turned down to near absolute zero temperatures, for over 1,000 seconds or slightly more than 16 minutes. Now that they have managed to hold on to the elusive particles, the folks at CERN now have to figure out exactly what they would like to do with them. One possibility is to experiment with bombarding the particles with lasers or microwaves to see if the either obey the normal laws of physics or perhaps open a void that consumes the Earth.

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  1. One thing that i dont get is that it takes massive amounts of energy to produce anti particles. If a way to stabilize and use anti hydrogen came about. Would the energy produced be enough to make an equal or greater amount of anti particles? to sum would the anti particles ever have a practical use or would it be reserved for FTL or other devices like that.

  2. im sure we’d eventually find a lucrative way to harness them and, once we learn to contain them, perpetual self sustaining energy production would come hand in hand

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