(Apirl Fools’) Exclusive Interview with George Lucas

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Roqoo Depot has secured an exclusive interview with none other than George Lucas! We are extremely excited to be able to bring you this exclusive interview with the maker himself. Mr. Lucas was kind enough to share with us details on what to expect in The Clone Wars season four, as well as other future projects.

It’s a pleasure to be able to speak with you with you Mr. Lucas. On behalf of Roqoo Depot, I just like to thank you for taking the time to talk with the fans.

Mr. Lucas: Your welcome. I hope you’ve enjoyed The Clone Wars.

Ah, speaking of The Clone Wars, can you give us any details on what to expect in the season finale tonight?

Mr. Lucas: Well let me just say one word: Ewoks.

Ewoks? I thought the season finale was going to be all about Wookiees?

Mr. Lucas: (Chuckles) That’s what we premiered for Sky TV. Tonight will be something different. We reedited the last two episodes in order to give the fans something different. Something they haven’t seen since Return of the Jedi. Believe me, There. Will. Be. Ewoks.

Interesting. Since season two was “The Return of the Bounty Hunters” and season three was “Secrets Will Be Revealed”, what kind of theme can the fans expect for season four?

Mr. Lucas: With the build up toward the release of The Phantom Menace in 3D, we were going to do a big Darth Maul advertising campaign…toys, the tv show, book re-releases, new short stories…but one day I was watching Return of the Jedi and I had an epiphany. I was watching the Imperial troopers fighting the Ewoks on the moon of Endor and I thought ‘That’s what’s missing.’ So, as the season three finale will show tonight, next season we have something really big in store: Season Four – The Year of the Ewok. It’s going to be great. The fans will love it.

Can you expand on that any?

Mr. Lucas: All I can say is that it will involve Darth Maul…Ewoks…and ice cream.

Changing subjects, a lot of fans  are wondering if there will ever be an Episode VII.

Mr. Lucas: I’ve been hearing about Episode VII for years. Believe me, there is no Episode VII. Star Wars was the story of Anakin Skywalker, his rise, fall, and redemption. That said, after the releases of the 3D films and the Definitive Director’s Saga Edition, there is an idea brewing in the back of my head. You see, Jabba the Hutt has been in three of the six Star Wars films, and Jabba’s son had a prominent role in The Clone Wars animated film. Rotta’s story was never touch in any of the films. On top of that Hutts take a very long time to mature. Rotta wouldn’t really come into his own until 500 years down the line. That’s where I would pick up.

You mean you’re thinking about doing a movie centered on Jabba’s son?

Mr. Lucas: Rotta the Hutt. Think of it as Episode VII and Half: A New Hutt. Of course I would do a trilogy. The Hutt Strikes Back, Revenge of the Hutt…it would all follow Rotta’s rise to power and his journey to bring peace to the galaxy and the Force.

That would avoid any continuity problems. Five hundred years is way beyond the scope of the Legacy comics.

Mr. Lucas: I didn’t have that in mind when I envisioned the project, but that would certainly please the fans, I’m sure. A New Hutt would be long after the Big Three have died. There wouldn’t be any Solos or Skywalkers. It would be a time of peace confronted by an unknown threat. I can’t reveal all the details yet, but I think you get the idea.

Some fans have been waiting a long time to see the Thrawn Trilogy brought to the big screen. Is there any chance of that?

Mr. Lucas: I can’t really talk about that.


Mr. Lucas: The Star Wars Live Action show is still in the works. We’ve tossed around a lot of story ideas. One of those ideas has caught my interest. What I can tell you is that the Live Action Show will be starring a blue skinned alien.

Does that blue skinned alien happen to be a Grand Admiral?

Mr. Lucas: No. However, I do plan on giving him a side kick who is obsessed with art. The role would be sort of a mix between Jar Jar and Boba Fett. I’m leaning toward a Jawa.

Well I want to thank you again Mr. Lucas for taking the time to speak with us and answer a few of the questions that have been on the minds of Star Wars fans everywhere.

Mr. Lucas: It’s been a pleasure.

You heard it here folks, Ewoks, Hutts, and Thrawn, oh my!

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  1. *shakes head*

  2. I put in a good word for you Rev. George said he’d see if he could throw in another metal bikini scene somewhere.

  3. That is awesome! I think Natalie Portman’s career could use a boost. Maybe she’ll do it.

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