Atlantis Discovered…or Not

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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away…in the Donaña National Park in Spain to be precise, scientists have unearthed a discovery they believe to be the lost ruins of Atlantis. Buried underneath the mudflats located in the southern tip of Spain, archaeologists have discovered what appears to be a communal oven, possible canals, and several small statues. The discoveries were made using grand penetrating radar and so far none of the structures have been excavated. The mythical city of Atlantis, recorded by the Greek philosopher Plato, would be over 4,000 years old. The archaeologists were particular pleased with finding the small statues because they will be able to date them thus giving them a good idea of how old the city is. So far, they believe the statues are characteristic of the bronze age which would place them in the right time period.

Scientists believe the city may have been hit by a tsunami, burying the city in flood waters and silt, causing it to be lost to time. If this is true, then it would also coincide with Plato’s description of the city being lost in single day. Furthermore the area is near the Straight of Gibraltar, just like the fabled city of Atlantis is believed to be. Regardless of whether the city is really Atlantis or not, it’s still a very interesting find. You can read more about here, in the Vancouver Sun, and here, on Reuters.

Now if they could just figure out where the Stargate is hidden...

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