Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

BNN (Bombad Radio): Episode 9.21.2015 covers the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake, the Star Wars: Battlefront beta, The Force Awakens tickets on sale date, new movies, comics, video games and more, plus Episode VII and VIII details regarding Starkiller base and Kylo Ren, as well as things we’ve learned from Lost Star and Aftermath. If you’re looking for news, plug this one into your playlist. Great little databurst of info.

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode #44 has some collectible discussion, news, shot from the Bearded Trio on latest Spielberg news, an interview with Mark Von Ohlen who talks about the latest Topps trading cards, and they have Scott Murray on to tackle Attack of the Clones. Scott brings his A-game as they dive into the movie offering insight and feedback. They don’t pull any punches but they keep it fair.

Disney Vault Talk: The Little Mermaid features Steve, Teresa and Steve’s sister Becka as they knock out listener emails then cover Disney’s The Little Mermaid. From history and fun facts to the film itself, there’s tons of great discussion and fun to be had. Best episode yet? It’s definitely a good one. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Comic Review: ‘Kanan #6’

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Kanan #6 brings in the crew of the Ghost as they head to Kaller to pick up a shipment. What’s just another supply run for the crew turns into a confrontation with the past for Kanan. Click here to read our full review.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Databurst From the 501st

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501stLogoLatest Databurst From the 501st covering 501st Legion event news from September 30 to October 6th. As always, be sure to mark your calendars and support your local garrisons.

September 30

  • Garrison Carida will be in Media, PA for Dining Under the Stars from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

October 1

  • Ohio Garrison will be in Columbus, OH for COSI After Dark.

October 2

  • 70th Explorers Garrison will be in Collinsville, IL for Archon STL at the Gateway Center from October 2 to 4th.
  • Alpine Garrison will be in Pleasant Grove, UT for the John Hancock School Comic Carn from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.
  • Bast Alpha Garrison will be in Kenner, LA for CONtraflow/Deep South con from October 2 to 4th.
  • Golden Gate Garrison will be in Burlingame, CA for Con-Volution from October 2 to 4th.
  • Southern California Garrison will be in Long Beach, CA for Night Dive at Aquarium of the Pacific from 7:00 to 11:00 PM.

Continue Reading Databurst From the 501st…

Monday Funny: It’s Officially Fall

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Han Solo SeasonPosted by Geralyn

Aftermath Roundup

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Here’s our Aftermath roundup of reviews, interviews and more.


  • 42 Life in Between – Matt (3/5)
  • Big Shiny Robot – Bryan
  • Club Jade – Dunc (B+)
  • Coffee With Kenobi – Dan (4/5)
  • Daily News – Sean
  • Den of Geek – Megan (4/5)
  • Eleven-ThirtyEight – Rocky
  • FANgirl Blog – Kay (8/10)
  • Fantasy Faction – Marc (8/10)
  • Grantland – Ben
  • IGN – Jared (5.9/10)
  • Jedi News – Mark
  • Making Star Wars – Jonathan, Pete
  • Nerdist – Amy
  • Omnivoracious – Adrian
  • Roqoo Depot – Skuldren (1/5)
  • SFBook Reviews – Ant (5/5)
  • SFcrowsnest – John
  • The Eloquent Page – Pablocheesecake
  • The Star Wars Post – Max
  • Tosche Station – Bria (4/5), Emily



You can find out more about Aftermath on the official product page including a 60 page excerpt from the book.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Around the Web

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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Books News

  • Disney-Lucasfilm Press released three new titles this week that each retell the original trilogy films with a their own vibe: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farmboy by Alexandra BrackenSo You Want to be a Jedi? by Adam Gitwitz and Beware the Power of the Dark Side! by Tom Angleberger.
  • DK Books posted an update on Star Wars Reads Day. There’s a contest for bookstores, libraries and schools to win a visit from author Michael Kogge, as well as a list of all the events that will be happening. Click here to check it out and plan ahead.
  • Blizzard Entertainment is partnering with Random House and next year we’ll be getting a new StarCraft novel by Timothy Zahn.

Comic Book News

  • Vader Down #1 will be getting a Dave Dorman variant cover. If you’re heading to Heroes Expo this weekend, Dave will have the original art on display.
  • StarWars.com has part two of Phil Noto‘s sketchbook showing off some interior artwork for the upcoming Chewbacca comics.

Continue Reading Around the Web…

Black Series and Elite Series: Kylo Ren

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In the aftermath of Force Friday, Kylo Ren has invaded stores everywhere. With a variety of sizes to chose from, I went with the Hasbro Black Series 6-inch figure, and the impressive Disney Elite Series figure which is measures in at 7-1/2 inches. Below you’ll find my review with tons of pictures and comparisons. Enjoy!

First up, The Black Series. Hasbro went with a soft goods cloak and hood as well as a soft plastic cape draping on his back. It’s an interesting combination that allows for a lot of posing and does not interfere with his legs or arm articulation. Continue Reading Black Series and Elite Series: Kylo Ren…

Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review. Lot of great interviews this week.

BNN: Episode 9.14.2015 is something a little different from the folks of Bombad Radio as they try a shorter, news focused podcast that’s actually pretty useful. They bring the news with a touch of humor, touching on not just Star Wars, but other topics like Batman v. Superman, Jurassic World, upcoming movies, home releases, video games, comics, webshows, etc. If you’re wondering what’s coming out now, or what news came out this week, then this is a great way to catch up. Best of all, they pack it all in under 30 minutes. I really like the short format and I think it works great for news. It’s very convenient for sliding the episodes in between your normal podcasts on your playlist, thus allowing you to get the news and not fall behind, but also not get stuck with a one to two hour show. The one drawback I noticed in this episode, however, is that the rundown on new comic releases was really long, big info dump, and that’s kind of hard to get away from as a lot of comics come out every week. They might need to work on that a little (either just highlighting the popular titles or some choice picks), otherwise it’s pretty solid. Keep in mind this is their inaugural episode for BNN.

Collectors Cast: Episode 11 is their Force Friday episode with them giving their thoughts on the new collectibles, LEGO, the packaging, the new Falcon, Black Series, Disney Elite Series, talking figures and masks, BB-8 and some live reporting from the UK. They talk at length with fellow collectors Duncan Jenkins and with Steve Sansweet which rounds out the episode.

Comics With Kenobi: Episode #6 covers Shattered Empire #1, which they loved, and Darth Vader #9, which they didn’t love. Lots of spoilers, so if you haven’t read the issues, be sure to read them first before listening. They have some great discussion covering the artwork as much as the writing. Personally I was of an opposite opinion of the hosts, as I rather liked Darth Vader #9 and thought Shattered Empire #1 fell kind of flat. If you’re into the comics, give these guys a listen. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

New Release: ‘Kanan #6’

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Kanan #6 is out today from Marvel comics.

Kanan #6

Writer: Greg Weisman
Artist: Jacopo Camagni
Cover Artist: Pepe Larraz

A tale from the time of Rebels! No longer a Padawan, the adult Kanan finds himself back on the planet Kaller…will his past as Caleb Dume return to haunt him?

Details: 32 pages, Rated T, $3.99

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

Comic Review: ‘Star Wars #9’

September 23, 2015 at 12:05 am | Posted in Comic Books, Marvel, Reviews, Star Wars | Leave a comment

Sana Solo may be on the cover of Star Wars #9, but don’t expect to get any more clues on her secret relationship with Han. Is it really his wife? Will we ever find out? Unfortunately, not in this issue. But there is some fun to be had. Click here to read our full review.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.
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